05 April 2012

Ruffled Fingertip Towels - tutorial

Have you seen these gorgeous linen towels over at Pottery Barn?

They really are lovely. 

Want to make some? You'll need:

Rotary cutter and mat
1 yard White linen (washable) or 100 % cotton fabric, prewashed and ironed (should make 2 or three depending on the width of the fabric)
White thread

I am using my serger for most of the sewing, but you can do the same basic thing with a narrow hem on your sewing machine.

Cut a 15.5" x 22.5" rectangle from your fabric. Also, cut two narrow strips 3.5" x 25" for the ruffle. Finish the bottom edge of the ruffle strips with a narrow hem or the roll hem feature on your serger.

Sew two rows of basting stitches for gathering (good tutorial here if you need one) along the unfinished edge of the ruffle strips. 

Pin the ruffle to the end of the rectangle and gather to fit. 

Sew the ruffle to the rectangle. I like to baste the ruffle on with my sewing machine, remove the pins and finish on my serger.

Finish the long edge of the rectangle with a narrow hem or the roll hem feature on your serger.

I then topstitch the ruffle seam to encourage it to lay flat.

All done! Pretty easy, right? Mine are going in my guest bathroom. Where will you hang yours?

It is snowing, so it's a bit dark for pictures. It seems like that always happens on the day I plan to make a tutorial. Funny, that.


  1. I really need to learn how to sew! Want to come teach me? I have fabric, thread and a sewing machine. But to be honest, my machine scares me. I think I'm afraid I'll be sewing along and will somehow get my fingers under the needle. How likely is that to happen?

    1. LOL Missie! I'd love to come teach you. You are very, very unlikely to sew your fingers. I'm not the most coordinated, and I've never done it.:) Just get out some fabric scraps and start sewing along in a straight line, slow and steady. Next thing you know, you'll be making fingertip towels.


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