11 June 2014

Black Bean and Kumara over Rice

Generally speaking, I can get most of the usual ingredients I need here in New Zealand. Except when I can't. I can get black beans in cans, but in my local supermarket, they are usually in a chili sauce. Not sure why. So, I bought me a big back of black beans to make my own. They are from Canada. Turns out it was pretty inexpensive, and we like black beans anyway. Also it gives my kitchen some style.

I can get jalapenos, and other kinds of chile peppers. They are consistently hotter than I am used to. Is it because they are more fresh? Is it the soil? The air? I wish I knew. But even the ones marked mild deserve to be treated with some caution. So far, my experience is that the chile powder is not Mexican. Is it Indian? Thai? I don't know. What I do know is it is HOT.

Sweet potatoes I can get, or the next closest thing to a sweet potato, the kumara.Which is basically a sweet potato. It comes in purple, orange and red (white inside).

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos is the recipe, over at Mel's Kitchen Cafe. Just substitute Kumara for the Sweet Potato, coriander for cumin, capsicum for bell pepper (all different names for the same thing) and go easy on those "mild" chiles.
Good luck with the chipotle chile powder. I brought mine in my suitcase... I used Colby and Tasty cheese for the sharp and jack, and we served ours over rice instead of in a tortilla, but either way, it's fabulous. Go make some of this now. You won't be sorry.

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