29 January 2015

Pattern Review - Sketchbook Shirt from Oliver & S

Pattern:  I used the pdf version and all the pieces went together quickly and matched up just as they should. The instructions were clear.

Sizing: My son is a size 8 in commercial clothing. Based on  measurements, I opted for the size 10 and it's a good thing I did. 

Fabric: I used a cotton blend from my stash that I probably bought at JoAnn Fabrics. It has a nice feel and washes up really well.

Sewing: Again, the instructions were clear and organized. I think there are a few places where it wouldn't hurt to specify that if you are making the short sleeve view, you proceed this way, if long sleeve, this way type of thing. 

Project time: It took me about 3 hours to sew this shirt.

Favorite things: I love the button plackets and the finished yoke. They add a very professional touch and are really easy to do. 

What I didn't love: I don't like the funky angle on the collar and I will probably change that next time. Also, as you will see in the photo below, the shirt turns out to be fairly short in length. I think it needs to be a good half inch or inch longer for a size 10. It works, but as soon as he grows, it won't work.

And now, a few photos from a most unwilling model. He likes the shirt. He just doesn't like getting the photos taken. 

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