09 February 2015

Menu Plan Monday

A view out to Kapiti Island and the ocean - early morning walk with my son


BBQ drumsticks


Chippped Beef (slow cooker)
Noodles (rice for the GF folks)


Chili with lentils (slow cooker)


Baked Potato Bar


mashed potatoes with kama kama
carrot/beetroot slaw


Fish (if we catch any Friday)
Fish n chips if not


Roast chicken
Roast veg

06 February 2015

Tween Re-Fashionista and the Chef Shirt - Kids Clothes Week

Our latest find was this white tunic that looks an awful lot like a chef's uniform. It's made of a sturdy 100 percent cotton and feels a little like a bedsheet. Not in a bad way. 

The first thing to do, obviously, was to pick the thing to pieces. 

I removed the button placket on the front to get rid of those tucks, removed the collar, and unpicked the front all the way to the hem. I saved the buttons and the pieces of fabric because you never know what you can re-use later. 

We talked it over and the tween fashionista determined that she wanted a white dress with short sleeves, that she could wear and still ride her scooter. 

Because of the way the front of the dress piece curved, I knew I needed to create a new button placket. I thought a splash of color would be good, so I dug around in my stash and found a cute floral cotton blend. I like it because it has a little stretch, which will be helpful for the curved pieces at the front. 

Trimming the raw edges of the dress was easy. I basically made bias tape out of my floral print, adding some interfacing to the button placket piece. As you can see in the photo top right, I top stitched both sides of the finished trim. I took a little tuck in the sleeve to add some interest. The fussy part was getting the curve right on the front. We wanted a sort of asymmetrical look, and I think we managed it pretty well. The tween fashionista was the dressmaker's dummy and she was pretty patient.

Another great re-fashion project done. I kind of want to go find some turquoise fabric to make her a pair of leggings to wear with this...

05 February 2015

Tween Re-Fashionista - (P)Leather Jacket Refashion - Kids Clothes Week

Several months ago, the tween fashionista and I found this awesome (p)leather jacket at the Salvation Army store. It fit her, almost perfectly and it was $6. It had some damage, especially along the shoulders on the back, but we figured we would find a way to fix it up. 

She is very artistic, and lately she has been fascinated with the koru shape and creating all kinds of koru themed artwork. 

Using the koru as her inspiration, she designed an applique for the back of the jacket. We found some black (p)leather at The Fabric Store and we cut out the pattern. As you can see in the photos below, we used double sided craft tape to stick the design to the jacket. Then I used a running stitch to sew the applique on. The best thing about the craft tape was that it allowed for occasional, careful re-positioning  of the design as I sewed. 

We LOVE how it turned out!

I should also mention that the skirt she is wearing is also an op-shop find - pleated (p)leather in almost mint condition. I adore that she paired it all with the Mickey Mouse tee. Go girl! Now I just need to get her a pair of Doc Martin's, no?