06 February 2015

Tween Re-Fashionista and the Chef Shirt - Kids Clothes Week

Our latest find was this white tunic that looks an awful lot like a chef's uniform. It's made of a sturdy 100 percent cotton and feels a little like a bedsheet. Not in a bad way. 

The first thing to do, obviously, was to pick the thing to pieces. 

I removed the button placket on the front to get rid of those tucks, removed the collar, and unpicked the front all the way to the hem. I saved the buttons and the pieces of fabric because you never know what you can re-use later. 

We talked it over and the tween fashionista determined that she wanted a white dress with short sleeves, that she could wear and still ride her scooter. 

Because of the way the front of the dress piece curved, I knew I needed to create a new button placket. I thought a splash of color would be good, so I dug around in my stash and found a cute floral cotton blend. I like it because it has a little stretch, which will be helpful for the curved pieces at the front. 

Trimming the raw edges of the dress was easy. I basically made bias tape out of my floral print, adding some interfacing to the button placket piece. As you can see in the photo top right, I top stitched both sides of the finished trim. I took a little tuck in the sleeve to add some interest. The fussy part was getting the curve right on the front. We wanted a sort of asymmetrical look, and I think we managed it pretty well. The tween fashionista was the dressmaker's dummy and she was pretty patient.

Another great re-fashion project done. I kind of want to go find some turquoise fabric to make her a pair of leggings to wear with this...

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